1. Access to the Facility.

1.1 Guests must be at least 18 years old. Access to minors is not allowed.
1.2. Access to persons under the influence of drugs or alcohol is prohibited.
1.3. No dogs or other animals are allowed access except guide dogs for the blind as prescribed by law.
1.4. It is mandatory to wear swimsuit and non-slip slippers. Nudity and toplessness are prohibited.
1.5. It is not allowed to enter the Wellness area on outdoor shoes and clothing.
1.6. Food and beverages are not allowed to be brought in from outside.
1.7. Staff may refuse any person access to the facility without being required to give reasons.

2. Contraindications

2.1. In case of discomfort or discomfort, refrain from using saunas, steam baths and tubs.
2.2. Persons with skin diseases, infectious or contagious diseases, with incompletely healed wounds, bandages or patches are not allowed access.
2.3. Access to pools, saunas and Hammam, except under strict medical supervision, is contraindicated in the case of the following diseases and conditions (indicative and non-exhaustive list): cardiovascular disease, uncontrolled high or low blood pressure, acute illnesses and febrile states, varicose veins, malignant tumors, epilepsy, menstruation, pregnancy and any other condition that may substantiate health risks while using the facility.

3. Rules for use of services

3.1. Follow all directions on facility use therein including signs, instructions from staff, and informational materials.
3.2. For cell phone use rules, follow the instructions in signs, informational materials, and instructions from staff.
3.3. Stow clothing, bags, and valuables in the valuables boxes at the entrance and lockers with security locks. Management accepts no responsibility for theft, damage or loss of personal belongings.
3.4. Respect silence, especially at sauna, Hammam and areas relax.
3.5. Cover deckchairs and sunbeds with a towel.
3.6. Do not occupy deckchairs or sun beds with personal belongings. Unattended items will be stored in special shelves.
3.7. Use of personal hygiene products or soaps in baths, saunas and Hammam is not permitted.
3.8. Do not bring dishes or glasses beyond the dining area.
3.9. Consumption of more than 4 alcoholic beverages per person isnot permitted. The staff reserves the right to stop serving alcoholic beverages.
3.10. Any kind of sexual act is prohibited. Engaging in behavior that may make others uncomfortable is prohibited.
3.11. Smoking, including electronic cigarettes, is prohibited, except in outside smoking areas clearly marked with signs.
3.12. The use of electronic devices such as radios and computers is not permitted.

4. Instructions for the use of the tanks

4.1. No swimming or diving. The pools have a maximum depth of 1.35 m and are unsupervised.
4.2. Takea shower before entering the pools.
4.3. Do not enter the water immediately after eating.
4.4. Use foot shower before entering the water.
4.5. Headset recommended.

5. Instructions for the use of saunas and steam baths.

5.1. Do not enter on an empty stomach or immediately after eating.
5.2. If you feel weakness or sickness, leave immediately.
5.3. Leave slippers outside in the designated spaces.
5.4. Do not wear glasses, jewelry, watches, piercings and accessories that could get hot or lead to burns or injury.
5.5. In saunas:

  • it is mandatory to cover the bench with a cloth before sitting down, ascertaining that no part of the body touches the bench.
  • The recommended session is 8-12 minutes. Do not exceed 15 minutes.
  • The highest steps in sauna are the warmest. Always start with the lowest steps to acclimatize.

5.6. In Turkish baths:

  • Wash Turkish bath benches before and after use.
  • Do not stay in the steam bath for more than 20 minutes.

5.7. Shower after each seduata.
5.8. Before and after the session rehydrate the body by drinking water or tiasane and rest at least 30 min.

6. General standards

6.1. Before leaving the facility, guests are obliged to return the electronic bracelet by inserting it in the turnstiles or handing it to the Reception staff. Failure to return will result in the payment of an additional administrative fee of €600.00 (six hundred euros), without prejudice to any other legal action.
6.2. Any damage caused must be compensated before leaving the facility.
6.3. Claims and injuries must be reported immediately in writing to the InfoDesk Staff on the appropriate forms.
6.4. In case of infraction of the rules of conduct, the Staff reserves the right to admonish, and in serious cases expel, without any right to reimbursement, offenders, without prejudice to any other action by law.
6.5. The Management disclaims any responsibility for the consequences of non-compliance with these regulations and/or Staff's recommendations.
For anything not covered in these regulations, the provisions communicated by the Staff shall take precedence.
6.7. Regulations subject to change.
6.8. Policy on Privacy (ex GDPR 2016/679 as amended) available in Reception and at