Special Massage - 50 minutes - 84 €

Abhyanga Massage

In the Ayurvedic tradition, widespread in India, body and mind are an inseparable unity. Massage is essential for health because it harmonizes the Doshas, the biological humors (Vata, Pitta and Kapha) and eliminates physical and mental toxins, creating positive emotional balance and uplifting the spirit.

The massage begins with a pleasant drizzle of warm oil over the scalp. It is personalized: the practitioner studies the constitutional type to recommend the most suitable massage among:

  • VATA - ANTISTRESS: relaxing and total body, with enveloping and harmonious movements. It transmits sensations of warmth and softness while improving circulation and flexibility of the joints. The colon is the organ where this Dosha resides, so the massage is useful for constipation problems.
  • PITTA - EMOTIONAL: Gentle pressures from head to toe and slow, relaxing movements envelop the body. The movements end toward the extremities, releasing tension and giving a sense of freshness. It is located on the Solar Plexus area, below the sternum, dissolving emotional blockages and excess acidity.
  • KAPHA - REACTIVATING : Draining and stimulating massage, helps to dissolve the adipose mass. With the manoeuvres of the fingers and the palm of the hand, the muscles are massaged, loosening contractions and giving vitality.

Massage Hot Stone

Hot stones help loosen muscle stiffness, improve joint mobility and relieve tension on the spine. Useful for those suffering from constipation.

Massage Lomi Lomi

Traditional Hawaiian rhythmic and deep massage, performed through smooth, flowing movements reminiscent of sea waves.

Massage Candle

Scented candles made from plant butters melt into a warm caress that provides hydration and elasticity to the skin. An experience of relax deep for body and mind.