Ayurveda Massage - 50 minutes - €87


In the Ayurvedic tradition, spread throughout in India, body and mind are regarded as a unit. The massage is fundamental to health because it harmonizes the three Doshas, the biological moods (Vata, Pitta and Kapha). In addition, the physical and mental toxins are eliminated, creating a positive emotional balance and elevating the spirit.

The massage starts with a pleasant pouring of warm oil onto the scalp. The massage is completely personalized. The operator will carefully study your constitutional typology to recommend the most suitable massage between:

  • VATA - ANTISTRESS:Relaxing and total body, using enveloping and harmonious movements. It transmits sensations of warmth and softness, improving circulation and flexibility of the joints. Moreover, as the colon is the organ in which this Dosha resides, it is useful for constipation problems.
  • PITTA - EMOTIONAL: Gentle pressure from head to toe and slow, relaxing movements envelop every part of the body. All movements finish at the extremities, relieving tension and giving a sense of freshness. The massage is located on the area of the solar plexus, under the breastbone, dissolving emotional blocks and excess acidity.
  • KAPHA - REACTIVATING : Draining and stimulating massage, helps to dissolve the adipose mass. With the manoeuvres of the fingers and the palm of the hand, the muscles are massaged, loosening contractions and giving vitality.