Ceremonies in Sauna

Wellness ceremonies (Aufguss)

The Wellness Ceremonies held at sauna are sensory experiences to relax mind and body led by a "Master of Ceremonies." Different from each other, depending on the times and from sauna where they take place, the ceremonies are true wellness rituals lasting about 10 minutes. The Master of Ceremonies, will pour water or ice with pure essential oils onto the brazier, and through the rhythmic movements of a towel, direct the hot, aromatized steam in the direction of the guests. Through the suggestion of music, the warm caress of steam and the aroma of essential oils, guests will enjoy an 'intense and pleasant multi-sensory experience.


The benefits of heat

By increasing endorphins, heat gives a feeling of well-being and loosens muscle tension. With habitual use of sauna, heat regularizes blood pressure. The narrowing and subsequent dilation of blood vessels due to the hot/cold contrast is, in addition, a considerable workout for the fibers of the artery walls. Sweating (duringAufguss, compared with sauna carried out in the traditional way, this occurs much more rapidly) draws away from the body the toxins that accumulate in everyday life.


The benefits of essential oils (aromatherapy)

Essential oils are the aromatic and volatile constituent of plants; they contain substances with very active properties on our physiology. Some experts say they contain the whole life force of the plant.