Special Massage

Tropical Body Scrub50 minuteseuro 70,00
Natural scrub massaged on the whole body, performed with natural products with a tropical fruit scent. Also includes a relaxing massage at the end of the scrub.

Lomi Lomi Massage 50 minutes  euro 80,00
Traditional rhythmic and deep Hawaiian massage, performed with fluid, gentle movements reminiscent of the waves of the sea.

Hot Stone Massage 50 minutes euro 80,00
Hot stones help to dissolve muscle stiffness, improve joint mobility and relieve tension on the spinal column. Useful for those suffering from constipation.

Couple Massage 50 minutes euro 150,00
An exciting and unique experience, to be shared in two. A relaxing massage which gives a sense of well-being and vitality.

24 K Gold Ritual50 minuteseuro 120,00
Precious facial treatment with pure gold leaves, toning and illuminating. Starts with a thorough facial cleansing followed by a gold gel scrub to remove impurities and the application of the 24 Carat gold mask. It ends with a relaxing massage on the front of the body. Includes a drink at the end of the treatment.

Four-Hands Massage 50 minutes euro 150,00
The movements of two operators merge to create a flow of vital energy, in a mix of well-being and recharging. Pamper yourself with a gentle, deeply winding massage that relieves the muscles of the entire body, loosening tensions and giving a feeling of pleasant relaxation.