Hammam Ritual – 50 minutes – 35€

The ancient Moroccan Hammam ritual starts in the Stanza della Schiuma (Soap Room) with a scrub with black soap made out of olive oil. The deeper impurities are removed using the Kessa glove, making the skin luminous and smooth. Afterwards a rejuvenating and moisturising scrub is applied to the face.

In the Bagno Sensoriale (Sensory Bath) the steam opens the pores and allows the soap to act. The treatment ends with the savonage: a massage with soft scented foam.

Hot tea will be served during the treatment.

The Ritual is performed in the traditional way in groups of up to 5 people. It takes place from Monday to Friday and costs 35.00 euro. It is advisable to book the treatment on 055 776771. To take advantage of the booked treatment, present yourself at the Reception at least 1 hour in advance. The service can only be used to purchase entry to the wellness center.



Black soap is a natural soap (water, oil obtained from the maceration of squeezed black olives and minerals), originating from the region of Essaouira, south of Morocco. What results is a creamy paste, similar to a butter, with an amber color and a very particular scent.

The result of ancient traditions, Moroccan women used it in antiquity to purify, exfoliate and nourish the layers of the epidermis using the Kessa glove (the typical Moroccan scrub glove).

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