20 minutes -  € 30,00



A relaxing massage carried out on the head, face and neck with essential lavender oil, an excellent moisturiser and soother that leaves you skin smooth and glowing.



A relaxing massage carried out on the back, shoulders and neck with sweet almond oil, to give relief from pain and tense muscles.



This type of massage helps get rid of excess fluid retention and overcomes the feeling of heavy legs. 


CONNECTIVE MASSAGE (carried out without oil)

An intense, energetic massage specifically for the back, as it helps relax the muscles and increases vascularisation of the tissues.



A pleasant anti-stress, rejuvenating massage, carried out over the entire back of the body with aromatic Bio oil that endows vitality and at the same time ensures total relaxation.




50 minutes - € 60,00 / 80 minutes - € 95,00



An extraordinary massage that nourishes and moisturises the skin, endowing your body with a sensation of complete harmony and total relaxation. 



A delicate and relaxing holistic massage enhanced with the fragrances of essential oils for the wellbeing of both your mind and your body.



A specific massage that acts on the lymphatic circulation, stimulating the elimination of toxins and reducing fluid retention and swelling.



A treatment that relieves the signs of fatigue and localised muscle tension, improving the circulation. By oxygenating the tissues it helps ease contractures.



A massage that eases muscle tension and contractures, indicated for relief from localised back and neck pain. Carried out with rubbing movements and deep pressure.



Massage that promotes the circulatory system of the legs, buttocks, abdominal with energetic and draining maneuvers.





HAMMAM RITUAL - 50 minutes, from Monday to Friday, € 30,00
This ritual is carried out by reservation for a small group of people at the same time (maximum 5 people).

A ritual of extremely ancient eastern origins,  it began in the Tepidarium of Hammam and consists of a scrub with a black olive-oil based soap and a Kessa glove to remove the deeper impurities and immediately leave the skin glowing and supple. Following this, a facial gommage is applied which acts as an excellent restructuring and moisturising agent for the skin.

The treatment continues with a sensorial bath, where the vapours open the pores and allow the soap to penetrate. The ritual finishes in the Foam Room with a soapy massage all over the body. At the end of the treatment you can relax in the Moroccan niche where a hot tea will be served.


TROPICAL BODY SCRUB - 20 minutes, € 35,00 euro

A total body massaging scrub carried out with natural products with a tropical fruit fragrance, followed by an oil massage that will leave your skin smooth and glowing.


LOMI LOMI MASSAGE - 50 minutes, € 70,00

Lomi lomi is a traditional Hawaiian massage that releases the energy blocked in the body, restoring serenity and harmony. This is a deep rhythmic massage carried out with soft, flowing movements that give the impression of being rocked by the waves.


HOT STONE MASSAGE - 50 minutes a € 70,00
Hot Stone is a special massage made with hot stones, it gives a sense of wellbeing and deep relaxation. Helps loosen muscular stiffness, improves articulations mobility and soothes spinal cord tension. Helpful also for people suffering from stipsis. 


COUPLE’S MASSAGE - 50 minutes, € 135,00

A unique and stirring massage to be shared together. A relaxing massage that endows a feeling of wellbeing and vitality. Also includes fresh fruit and a drink at the end of the treatment.


ASMANA TREATMENT - 80 minutes, € 120,00

Let yourself be pampered with an extraordinary massage that includes careful cleansing of the face followed by a purifying mask. An alga pack will envelop your body for a draining effect, leaving your skin smooth and silky. At the end of the treatment you will be offered a piece of fresh fruit and a drink.


24 K GOLD TREATMENT - 50 minutes - 120,00 euro

The Gold Ritual is a relaxing massage that includes a precious treatment for your face using pure gold leaf, which, thanks to its properties will add glow to your skin, endowing a magnificent toned and relaxed look. It begins with careful cleansing of the face and a scrub with gold gel to remove all impurities, followed by the application of a 24-K gold mask and a relaxing massage on the front of your body. You will be offered a drink at the end of the treatment.



If you arrive late:

20 minute or 50 minute massages or longer: the delay will be subtracted from the time of the massage. The entire cost of the booked massage will still be charged.

In case of cancellation, guests are invited to cancel at least 3 hours prior to the time booked for the massage, otherwise the entire amount of the treatment will be charged.